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Disclosures, Terms, and Conditions


All Thomas Fugate Furniture products guaranteed to be defect free and to withstand a lifetime of daily use.  This guarantee is made to the original purchaser – Thomas Fugate Furniture will repair or replace any material defects for as long as you own your Thomas Fugate Furniture. Each piece of Thomas Fugate Furniture is designed to bond with your home and to span generations through daily use. 

Product Construction Details:
Thomas Fugate Furniture is a custom furniture designer and artisan that creates each piece of furniture one at a time using the highest quality materials and a combination of machine and hand tools. Time-honored joinery methods and construction techniques are used to create unique and durable furniture pieces.  Thomas Fugate Furniture is not a production manufacturer – and while we strive for the highest quality standards and consistency from one item to the other, you can expect slight variations that are characteristic of hand-craftsmanship. 

How to Care for Your Furniture:
All interior furniture pieces produced by Thomas Fugate Furniture do not normally require waxing, oiling, or any specific maintenance beyond gentle cleaning with a lightly dampened cloth. While the use of oils, waxes, or furniture polish may be safe for your furniture, it may also cause an irregular film over the surface. Please refer to specific instructions provided with your Thomas Fugate Furniture when special care and maintenance may be required (e.g., cutting boards, outdoor furniture).

Price and Schedule Quotes / Product Orders:
Pricing and estimated scheduling is provided in a formal proposal following our mutual agreement to the design of your furniture. Price quotes are valid for 60 days from the date posted. Submission of your 50% deposit indicates your agreement and acknowledgment of the proposal and these disclosures, terms, and conditions, and order acknowledgement by Thomas Fugate Furniture. Once received, your order will be scheduled, and materials will be ordered/purchased. Change requests after order acknowledgment will incur a price increase for additional time and materials plus $100 per hour for design changes.

Terms of Payment / Order Cancellation:

The balance (including any required freight and packing) is due upon completion and delivery, or if shipping is required, prior to shipment. Deposits are applied to the design work and purchase of materials and are non-refundable if the order is cancelled.

Supply Chain Disclaimer:

Since the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, suppliers and vendors have experienced significant delays in manufacturing and delivery of products and supplies. Thomas Fugate Furniture will provide a good faith schedule estimate subject to change due to ongoing supply-chain issues.

Product Shipping and Pricing:
Local delivery (within 50 miles) is free of charge. Beyond that range, delivery may be arranged by Thomas Fugate or a national carrier. All shipping and crating expenses are priced FOB Basye, VA and the crating and delivery charges will be based on the shipping and receiver’s address designated. All shipping and freight charges will be added to the final bill due prior to shipping. All furniture is shipped at purchaser’s risk and Thomas Fugate Furniture will not assume responsibility for delays, failure of delivery, loss, damage, or penalty charges made by shipper. All claims for freight overcharges or damage to goods while in transit must be settled with the carrier by the purchaser.

Product Returns:
Products may not be returned for any reason except when repair or replacement is indicated and approved by Thomas Fugate Furniture.

Product Claims:
Thomas Fugate Furniture guarantees the original owner complete satisfaction and will repair any defects or replace the defected item at the discretion of Thomas Fugate Furniture, for no cost for as long as you own your Thomas Fugate Furniture. All claims against Thomas Fugate Furniture for material or workmanship defects must be made in writing with accompanying photographs. 

Product Finish Disclaimer:
Wood is a natural material that has unique variations in color and grain patterns that will change over its life. Different parts of a piece may vary slightly in how it accepts the finishing process – some variation in color, tone, and tint should be expected and may change over time due to exposure to sunlight and seasonal changes in temperatures and humidity. These variations as well as finish degradation due to normal wear and tear cannot be guaranteed for life.

Wood Infesting Pests Disclaimer:
Thomas Fugate Furniture selects suppliers and vendors who take industry standard precautions to prevent infestations of wood boring pests such as Powderpost Beetles. Precautions include kiln-drying wood which is sufficient to kill all stages of wood boring pests. Infestations can still occur during storage and transit of raw materials, and in finished products when placed in homes that may already have such infestations in firewood or other wood products in the home. Thomas Fugate Furniture cannot guarantee against any such infestations.

Outdoor Furniture:

Outdoor furniture and products are expected to experience significantly more wear from environmental exposure and are guaranteed for ten years conditional on proper maintenance, such as periodic reapplication of protective finishes. 

Design Ownership:
All furniture designs represented during design consultations, in all correspondence including proposals and invoices, and those fabricated by Thomas Fugate Furniture are the property of Thomas Fugate Furniture. While nearly all Thomas Fugate Furniture pieces are uniquely designed for the specific needs and use of individual clients, Thomas Fugate Furniture retains the right to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, create derivative works, and display such designs.